Micro Sprints

Micro Sprints on known as the entry level race cars for sprint sports. These cars are a smaller replica of the full size sprint cars and offer a very competitive rates and platform. These cars are a mostly used for the younger generation interested in racing as the cars produce less power while also being easier to control. However, in no way should these cars be considered slow or a sports not worth watching.

The cars might be smaller and where only 750 pounds, but a 600 cc engine is used to produce incredible power. These cars are usually raced on a smaller track consisting of gravel or tarmac. The length of the track consists of about a fifth of a mile, making the sport both exciting and fast. Non-winged cars are also used and come in with the weight of around 725 pounds. They use the same engine, which offers the same power with less awaits.

Micro Sprints

Micro sprints are one of the cheapest ways to get into the sport, but could also costs huge amounts depending on the class you are entering. Some of the micro sprint cars can cost as much as a full sprints race car once all the modifications and requirements have been met. However, to enter the sport these types of modifications will not be required until you race in a higher class.

The restricted class is known as the place to begin with a winged car. These use completely start the engines and require drivers age 12 to 15. The age will also depend on the track raced as some tracks do not allow drivers of this age. There are many different tracks that allow all the restricted class and ages 12 and up.

The next level up class is known as the stock class. This is where the modifications begin to your car at a slower pace. In the stock class your engine will remain the same when considering bore and stroke size, but restrictor plates will no longer be required.

The multi-class is where things become more expensive. With this class you have the ability to adjust the stroke and bore of the engine, which increases your power. This class also allows all ages, but it recommended that your driver has experience before entering this class. Cars are quite a bit faster, meaning drivers need to be more alert and have better control in corners, which comes from experience.

All the classes mentioned above offer both winged and non-winged race cars. It will all depend on preference and the line of racing you are entering. These classes include both boys and girls that race together around the shorter track. However, in some countries the full track is used to race these micro sprints, which will require an adjustment to the differential, allowing higher speeds to be achieved. It recommended that all drivers begin at the bottom, which allows them to get use the car and build up the best experience.